N.F.A. has a number of items suitable as gifts for family members and friends.  To order, please send requests to Betsy Wiscombe, PO Box 186, Eden, UT  84310-0186.

Make checks or money orders payable to Nims Family Association.  Shipping charges are included in the sale price.

Below is a list of available items:

  • The Pocumtuc Housewife: A Guide to Domestic Cookery authored by several women @ $6.00
Pocumtuc Housewife.png
  • The Nims Family Association: The Early Years, 1904-1938, a 219 page paperbound publication of early records, articles, photographs, and letters, published in 1991 by NFA and authored by David A. Nims @ $20.00
Early Years.png
  • The Ancestral Record of Thomas Lathrop Nims, 1904-1965, John line, published 2004 by NFA and authored by his three daughters @ $18.00
Thomas Lathrop Nims.png
  • The Story of Godfrey Nims, a pamphlet authored by Francis Nims Thompson, 1914 @ $2.75
Godfrey Nims.png
  • A Wooded Hill in Our New England, a pamphlet authored by Francis Nims Thompson @ $5.00
Wooded Hill.png
  • The Story of the John Nims House, a pamphlet published by NFA in 1993 @ $5.00
John Nims House.png
  • The Miracle of the Snow by Sibyl Stetson Andrews, a paperback book reprinted in 2002 by NFA @ $10.00
  • The Gish-Nims Connection, a spiral bound paperback authored by David Nims @ $10
  • Nims House 11x14 “ Ink Sketch @ $8.00
Nims House Ink.png
  • Nims House Water Color Sketch @ $10.00
Nims House Watercolor.png
  • Nims House Coffee Mug (front and back photos)@ $10.00
Mug Front.png
Mug Back.png
  • Nims House Note Paper (10 sheets/envelopes) @ $3.75
  • Nims House 6”x 6” Ceramic Tile @ $7.50
Nims Tile.png
  • Nims House Christmas Ornament, with marble stand @ $7.00
Christmas Ornament.png
  • Nims House Christmas Ornament, without stand @ $5.00