Membership in the Association is open to any person descended from, or married to, anyone of the surname Nims. Individuals wishing more information about the Association may write the secretary or treasurer at the addresses shown on the Meet our Family / Board of Directors page.  With the completion of the foundation volume, the goal is to continue collecting family data and David Nims, grandson of Godfrey Nims publishing records in our files. NFA has established a service & printing charge for publishing individual branches requested by our members. Click the "Email Us" link at the top of this page and request details about how to proceed with your request for family genealogical information. We have considerable data on lines in the four family branches.

All descendants of Godfrey Nims are encouraged to participate in the Nims Family Association and in the gathering of family data. If you have not yet sent in material to the Historian, we urge you to submit as much data as you are willing to, including anecdotes, photos, and genealogical information. Here are some areas we have found helpful in building our files:

Click  here  to download a Nims Family Association membership application

Click here to download a Nims Family Association membership application

  1. Your name
  2. Date and place of birth
  3. Parents' names
  4. Line of descent from John, Ebenezer, Thankful or Abigail (if known)
  5. Phone number
  6. Mailing address
  7. Name of spouse, & date and place of his/her birth
  8. Date & place of your marriage
  9. List of children, with dates & places of birth for each


David Nims - Grandson of Godfrey Nims

We appreciate your contribution of data to Nims family files. It is only with the unselfish help from all of our "cousins" that we can continue to develop the wonderful story of our family

Membership Summary - October 2016
Paid Members 212 81% 43 - 2015 
Overdue Members 50 19% 16 - 201334 - 2014
Total Members 262 100%   
Valid Email Address 145 55%   
Invalid Email Address 30 12%   
No Email Address 87 33%   
  262 100%   
Membership by Line       
Abigail 21 8%   
Ebenezer 105 40%   
John 93 36%   
Thankful 22 8%   
Not Sure 21 8%   
  262 100%   
Paid Membership by Location        
Alaska1 Massachusetts13 Ohio11
Alabama3 Maryland1 Oklahoma2
Arizona9 Maine3 Oregon2
California17 Michigan4 Pennsylvania4
Colorado4 Minnesota7 South Carolina2
Connecticut7 Missouri5 Tennessee2
Florida11 Montana1 Texas6
Georgia7 North Carolina5 Utah3
Hawaii1 North Dakota1 Virginia10
Iowa6 Nebraska1 Vermont1
Idaho3 New Hampshire6 Washington12
Illinois1 New Jersey1 Wisconsin3
Indiana1 New Mexico2 Washington DC2
Kansas2 Nevada1 Canada8
Kentucky2 New York14 Germany3
Total - 212