Reunion 2018

Plans are set for the 2018 reunion of the Nims Family Association. We hope you will come.

Click on the 2018 Reunion link above for more information and the registration form.


The Nims Family Association is an association of individuals and families descended from Godfrey Nims of Deerfield, Massachusetts. The association is registered in Massachusetts as a non-profit, domestic corporation. Membership in the Nims Family Association is open to any person descended from, or married to, anyone of the surname Nims. The purposes of the association are to collect, maintain, and distribute genealogical and historical data pertaining to descendants of Godfrey Nims, to preserve and display artifacts of the family, and to promote other activities relevant to the Nims family.

We actively seek contact with all descendants of Godfrey Nims through four of his children who survived to adulthood: John; Ebenezer; Thankful Nims Munn; and Abigail Nims Rising. We have completed a foundation volume titled The Nims Family: Seven Generations of Descendants from Godfrey Nims. Our goal now is to continue publishing records in the files of the association and we are continuing the process of inputting data from the four family branches. Printed records can be made available to association members for nominal publishing costs by contacting Allan Wiscombe. Eventually, copies of the files will be placed in the LDS Church Ancestral File and at the Deerfield, Massachusetts Memorial Libraries. All descendants of Godfrey Nims are encouraged to participate in the Nims Family Association and in the gathering of data and artifacts. If you are interested in joining the nearly four hundred families who are already association members, contact our secretary or treasurer. Dues are $12 per family annually. We welcome your participation and support. Click HERE for further membership information.

In the News

When Fleur-Ange Lamothe, a Nims Family Association member from Montreal, attended the 2014 Reunion, she could have driven, or flown, or taken a train. Instead, Fleur-Ange decided to walk the route, reversing the original 300 mile winter march that her Nims Family ancestors had been forced to make after the raids of 1704.

An excellent article about her trek was published in the Greenfield Recorder on 10 October 2014. The article by Tom Relihan can be accessed at this link: The Long Walk to Deerfield

Fleur-Ange documented her trip on her blog: