Listing of Picture Files
Nims Family Association

In material received from Gloversville, New York following the death of NFA Historian Susan Oathout, a single CD contained photos Susan had scanned over several years.  There may have been additional photos somewhere, but this is the only disk found among the NFA property finally returned.

It took several tries and my hiring of a computer tech to open the disk, done through her Family Origins genealogy software and on her scanner.  Unfortunately, the thumbnail photos are only identified through a Henry number.  Susan had such familiarity with the family branches that this system probably seemed the simplest way for her to identify and utilize the photos, had she been able to.  The rest of us will look at 05331435333 and wonder who that might be.  To compound the problem, the sequence of numbers on the disk is in no special order, appearing only as she scanned them, but in no sequence.  One can open a photo and try to track the number, a tedious process.  This task would be not only tedious but also impossible without the work of Marie Ferre who itemized the NFA data held in file cabinets at the Deerfield Library.  Some photos on the disk are of such poor quality as to be nearly useless.

The disk has a total of 488 images, including many duplicates.  As one looks through the list of Moses photos, for instance, there are 10 of NFA historian Ellen Mary Nims at various stages in her life.  I found no pictures from the Abigail line, and only 3 from the Thankful branch, 2 of them the same person—427112411, whoever that is.  The Amasa line shows 72 photos, the John line, 65, and the David line, 78.  As a beginning, here are the Moses Nims photos found on the Gloversville disk, numbering 270.  Many I could identify (Ellen Mary Nims,  her parents, brother and sister; K. Godfrey Nims; Marion Cheney, husband John, Beth, etc.)  Email contact Patty Furrer knows many from this line, all descended from Loyal Nims, an ancestor. 

To see a complete list of the photos, click here.