Nims Family Project

by Allan Wiscombe


The Nims Project is still been moving forward. I would like to update the status of the project

I picked up the responsibility for being the NFA Historian and owner of the Nims files by accident. When we became members of the NFA, Susan Oathout was the NFA Historian. She had been given the responsibility of taking the data from the book “The Nims Family – 1990” and putting it into a computerized database system, FamilyOrigins, and then start adding new information. FamilyOrigins was taken over by RootsMagic which we still use., a database of facts, notes etc., provides both a database and a way to provide English language verbiage that creates sentences and paragraphs out of the facts. In 2001 Susan became very ill. I felt impressed to contact her and request a copy of the four files. Sadly, Susan passed away in 2003. NFA was not able to readily obtain her files but did receive them later. Different files had been picked up by different people, including me with the four files she had sent me earlier. I have been the historian and owner of the files since then. Copies are made annually and stored and distributed so that at a point in time there are files available should something happen to me.

At the time that Ron Graham was NFA president, he and I concentrated on the Thankful line. David Nims also worked on his part of the Ebenezer line. I put aside the Thankful line in 2010 and started working on the Abigail line to have information ready for the Montreal reunion in 2012. During that time, I was able to add over 8,000 new names into that line. Currently, we have about 23,400 names in the Abigail line. To put this in perspective, there are 42 pages in the 7-Generations book dedicated to Abigail and currently this is over 2,100 pages. At the 2016 reunion in Virginia, the Abigail work was assigned to Suzanne Ryan from Ontario, Canada, who was willing to take over the responsibility that responsibility. It is still necessary that we coordinate to keep the primary files updated. Susanne can be contacted at

I have updated other lines as information has come in from members. I have been able to send reports for correction and updates and then update the files as information has come back. The areas that I have been working on were at the request of members who contacted me. For example: in October 2017, I received a request for information from a Jim Goold. He sent me his pedigree that went back to Abigail. I found that our information had stopped five generations back. The family at that time had moved from Quebec, then to Ontario and then to Iowa and had changed their names. After a couple of months, I had added over 400 names and 50 pages to the Abigail line. This type of response has currently kept me busy on all of the lines.

My priorities have been to update requests from members and potential members of the Nims Family Association, work on my wife’s line (Ebenezer) and ensure that our data is coordinated with other databases such as and

A few years ago, we signed a contract with to become a repository for our Nims files with a link so that you could download your descendants report automatically. The objective was for me to create a descendants report for each of the grandchildren of Godfrey Nims. What looked like a good idea did not work out very well. First, increased the annual cost to over $700 a year. Second, the files became too large to send them without going down another generation. This meant that I would have to maintain current reports for over forty great-grandchildren. Third, we had only about three hits per year on This did not justify the cost and the time to be prepared to have any request ready. I cancelled and in the last couple of newsletters I wrote that if you would contact me at my email ( I would respond to the request and send you the information for your line up to meeting the size requirements. This has worked out well for those requests. I will continue to respond in this way.

Current status of the Nims Files. (January 2018)

There are four files, one for each of the children who lived to adulthood (John, Thankful, Ebenezer and Abigail). The files are living objects, meaning that once a change is made to a file, then, if you have a copy of the file, it is out of date. Therefore, there can only be one file and owner of the files and currently this is me. Suzanne Ryan has the assignment to do research on Abigail and respond to any requests but any updates to all lines need to be provided to me so as to keep the master file in sync. We also need to have the other three files assigned in the same way. I will ensure that updates are synchronized with other databases like is a single database for the world that can be updated by anyone. We have to ensure that our files are in sync with the rest of the world and that our data and theirs is correct.

File Name Pages in Nims Book Descendancy Report Pages Descendants and Spouses
Abigail 42 2,130 23,656
Ebenezer 206 2,690 23,370
John 221 3,080 40,060
Thankful 231 3,075 38,235
Total 700 18,875 125,321