Nims Family Project

by Allan Wiscombe


The Nims Project has been moving forward. I put aside the Thankful line in 2012 and started working on the Abigail line prior to the reunion in Montreal. Since that time I have added over 15,000 new names into the Abigail line. I have updated other lines as information has come in from members. I have been able to send reports for correction and updates and then update the files as information has come back. During the past six months I have concentrated on the John line. The areas that I have been working on were at the request of members who contacted me.

We have finally determined how you can get what information that we have as it becomes available. We have contracted with a company called that is a repository of our available information. You can connect to You don’t need to sign up or log in. Just click the link to bring up the website.

There will be a permanent link that will take you directly to the repository from this site. You will find it in the Site Navigation section at the top of the page. It is the link that says "Nims Family Reports - Reports Link".

What you will be able to get:

When you connect to the first screen will present you with five file folders. The first screen has one folder for each of the four children plus Godfrey.  The Godfrey folder will give a report of his first three generations.

When you select the file folder for your ancestor you will be presented with the file folders for the children of the ancestor.  Some reports are so large that it required us to go down another generation such as in the case of Thankful Munn the daughter of Thankful Nims.

In the lowest file folder for the grandchild of Godfrey that is your ancestor you will see three types of reports. If there are no files it means that the information for that child has not been uploaded. Just select download to download the file to your computer then you can read it.  As corrections are made and information is added you will see new versions of the file.  The older versions will be replaced.

  1. Generation Report – This is a report by generation, the same format that is in the Nims Book. This report is printed in a PDF format, meaning that you can print the whole report but that it cannot be modified.
  2. Henry Report – This is a report in descendant sequence. It generates a Henry number starting with the first person in the report, not from Godfrey.  The report is in both PDF format and also RTF format.  Rich Text Format (RTF) means that you can download the report and modify the report with any word processor.  For those that want to help in editing your family, you can select pages, make the corrections (in RED) and then send an RTF file of those pages with the corrections back to me for updates into the master files. Note: Some of these files are very large.  You need to download the file and then determine what you want to print, either the whole document or selected pages.
  3. GEDCOM File (GED) - This is an interchange format between genealogy programs such as PAF, RootsMagic, Legacy and others.  You can download the file and create your own genealogy data base without keying the data from scratch. The GED files contain the descendants and their spouses.  It does not contain ancestors and siblings of spouses. Don’t select a GED file unless you know how to use the file.

Please let me know how it is working for you by emailing me at