Short biographies of our current Board of Directors 

David Allen Nims: From the John line, David is a native of Jackson County, Iowa but has called Richmond, Virginia home for more than 30 years. He is a graduate of Iowa State Univ. with a BA in French and earned his MBA in International Business from the Thunderbird School of Global Management in Glendale, AZ. Following a career in information technology, he currently serves as Director of Administration and Development for the Virginia Dept. Of General Services. His interest in genealogy and the Nims Family history was sparked by great aunts Thelma Leone Nims Frost and Pauline Virginia Nims Doran; and great-great aunt Myrtle May Nims Huff, whose legendary stories of Nims escapades on the prairie planted a fertile seed in a teenager’s imagination.

Jane Dodson Nims: Jane was born and raised in Virginia and is the wife of President David A. Nims. Her Dodson ancestor came to America with Captain John Smith on his second voyage in 1608 and settled in the Northern Neck of Virginia before the family eventually migrated across the colony and beyond. She counts among her ancestors Dolley Payne Todd Madison through the Payne family. Her mother and aunt were active genealogists for many years and instilled in her a love of family roots and branches. Jane is a graduate of Virginia Tech with a degree in French and holds an MBA in International Business from the Thunderbird School of Global Management in Glendale, AZ.  

Sally Phillips: I descend from the Thankful Line through my mother. I was one of three daughters born to Donald and Kathryn [Hicks] Roberts and raised in Shelburne, MA. I first knew about Deerfield's history....but none of my own.... as a 4th grader and was immediately enthralled with it. Always loving "Old Deerfield”, I sought a summer job there in 2000, and spent a few summers as a Musem Aide, meeting /greeting visitors in a few self-guided houses. Following a layoff from the local elementary school in 2005, I was offered a part-time position as a Museum Attendant. Part-time became full-time, and I am currently supervisor of the ticketing desk staff. About 2004, while delving into genealogy I discovered my Nims roots! I hold an Associates' Degree in Floriculture from UMass' Stockbridge School of Agriculture; my interests are in gardening, landscaping, and genealogy. 

Vicki Coutu: I am from the Thankful line through my father, and was born and raised in central Massachusetts, and have a daughter, Jacqueline. Genealogy was introduced to me through my aunt, Judith Nelson. I have a BS in Business Administration from Worcester State College and an MBA from Nichols College. I work as a Reinsurance Accountant for a large insurance company. My hobbies and interests include camping, reading, quilting/sewing, and computers/technology.

Jeffrey Nims: Jeffrey Nims descends from the Ebenezer line. He was raised in Sudbury, Massachusetts, graduated from Harvard College in 1971 and immediately moved to Maine. Since retiring as Town Planner of Camden in 2010, Jeff has been writing and hopes to publish his first novel in 2013. He and his wife Betty own a blueberry farm in Union where they are avid gardeners and ocean kayakers.

Frank Nims: I am a descendant of Ebenezer Nims, and more immediately of Frederick Augustine Nims of Muskegon. Born in Niles, Michigan and raised in South Bend, Florence, Madrid, and Chicago. Obtained a M.A. in English Language and Literature, which is still my main interest. Also interested in history, baseball, horses, and golf.

Lise Rochette-Menard: I am from the Abigail line through my mother. I am French Canadian, born and raised in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. My husband Louis and I have raised our three sons in Ile-Bizard, west of Montreal. Ile-Bizard is an island in the Lake of Two-Mountains and is located in the region where Abigail spent most of her life after being taken captive in Deerfield in 1704 (Oka Mission, Lake of Two Mountains). I am a CPA, with a Masters Degree in HealthCare Management. After a professional life as Chief Financial Officer in Acute Care Hospitals in Montreal, I recently retired to enjoy traveling around the world with my husband. When in Canada, I pursue my genealogical and historical research as well as my activities as a tutor and educator in HealthCare Management with the Cree Indians in communities located in Northern Quebec.

Cynthia Smellie: I was born in Newton, MA and grew up with a strong Nims presence (Jeff Nims on the Board is my cousin). I studied Fashion Designing and had my own business. Years later I went back to college, at night, to work on an accounting degree and for the past 12 years have been an account manager for Group Employee Benefits. Interests are genealogy and photography. I have been a member of the Nims Family Association for 14 years so when volunteers were needed, I didn’t hesitate to show my support on behalf of all the members that have given so much of their time to keep our organization alive with a wealth of history for all to share.

Allan Wiscombe: I graduated from the U of UT in 1964 with a business and statistics degree and had a 30 year career with IBM in systems engineering and marketing. I later worked for Thiokol in software quality assurance and was the Y2K project manager. Because of my employment, we lived in NY, MD, CA, and UT. I have always had a great interest in genealogy and have developed a close association and love for my own ancestors and their descendants. My Utah pioneer heritage goes back five generations on all of my lines. Since retirement in 2001, I have enjoyed gardening and yard work and living with your Nims family on a daily basis.

Betsy Wiscombe: I descend from Ebenezer Nims through my mother, Eleanor [Price] Johnson and I was one of 6 children raised in Marlborough, NH. I attended college at BYU and the U. of UT studying English and music. We have 6 children and my main interests are playing the piano, homemaking, the outdoors, and our 24 grandchildren. We moved to a mountain community in northeast UT in 1993 and we are retired.